Sunday, July 29, 2007

I like beans very much, bought 100gms of beans from MK retail for 22INR, soaked the beans for 24hrs, baked it for 30 minutes @900' in microwave, it doesn't get baked, still so solid to eat.

What to do now?

Through it in garbage!

May be its not my beans?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

On the way to Pollachi to Coimbatore you cant miss these gulmuhar trees. They attract you attention as you pass through this highway NH209. The greenery between these points would make your journey pleasant, except those barricades placed near police stations on the way. Most part of this NH209 would be sleeping under dark deep shadows of trees!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

I've subscribed to reliance 1GB data plan @ 650/Month. The USB modem costs 2850 and I got it for free by paying the advance rental for 12 months (9085RS was the total cost). This is a limited offer for the first 50000 subscribers. So what would happen after 50K subscribers? Again there will be an much better offer! In fact I was about to subscribe to a connection by paying 4K for the modem in which 2 month rental wavier was offered. Then I thought its not by plan yet. Last Monday I've received an SMS stating this offer. I've visited the local "web world express" in Pollachi, which is a franchise of reliance mobile. With my Bangalore "web world" experience I thought I would not get any fruit full information. To my surprise, those guys were very much customer oriented. I got the device and activation on the same day!

The guy who was attending me was promising me that he will get the device and will get it activated on the same day and he lived up to his promise! I was there in their outlet till 8:00PM and he couldn't do it because the server was slow. He said you please carry on and after activation only I will go home! I got a call from him by 10:30PM and said its been activated!

What is the advantage of data plan compared to hourly plan?

No matter how many hours you were online, what counts is how much data you used to communicate! You can be online for hours together, without worrying about hours getting exhausted. Especially when there is slow connection data plan will be the best to choose compared to the hourly plan.

TATA Indicom also has a similar plans, just before this Reliance offer they were the best!

Note: In the evenings between 6pm to 9pm the connection is dead slow! Sometimes not even connect!

The device cost getting reduced is the sign of getting phased out soon. I think soon there will be PC Express cards replacing the PC cards and so on.

Monday, July 09, 2007

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