Sunday, October 26, 2008

25 OCT 08

09:00AM Settling hotel bill, everything packed just waiting for the cab
10:00AM Cab arrives, leaving hotel, sleeping on the way, it was raining.. cool
11:10AM Reached airport, checked in luggage
11:30AM Picked club grilled chicken burger and waiting in the gate
02:40PM Boarding announcement comes for 3:05 flight, they were boarding elders and passengers with kids. So couple of old women were taken inside in wheel chairs
02:45PM The two old women is came back and the announcement came, "due to weather we will leave by 4:30", every one murmurs and back to their seat
04:30PM No signs of boarding announcement, but the old women are taken again...only to come back in couple of minutes
04:35PM comes the announcement that we will leave only by 7:00PM... now passengers with connecting flights are asked to rebook their tickets for tomorrow as they will not be able   to make it to the connecting flights.
05:00PM Got my tickets booked for 26th, but was wondering, if due to weather condition if this flight is delayed the other flight to bombay should also be delayed??
07:00PM Announcement comes that the flight will leave only by 8:00PM.
07:30PM Another club grilled chicken...
08:00PM We are leaving by 10:15PM
09:45PM Magaaa flight is cancelled.......

Wondering what to do now.. the airport will get closed in couple of hours and the airlines doesn't provide any accommodation. Imm started calling the hotels one by one, every where I hear, we are sold out...after 45 minutes of try... decided that I'm not going to get any hotel... Then called some friend in Greensburg thats about 1 hour drive. He said ok come down. then picked a taxi to Greensburg. One the way the cab driver told me that some football match is going on so all the hotels are expected to full.. I was wondering how come even the low grade motels are full.... My calculation was if I have to go to greensburg, I would have to spend about 150$ and returning 150$, instead I will stay in a good hotel here. But nothing nothing was available.

Well spent the money on the taxi was good, I could get good sleep... else would have stranded outside the airport... 

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