Sunday, May 13, 2007

Last Friday I got to travel with this KPN since I had no other choice other than traveling with them to Palani. Well, I started hating them from the start at their boarding station at Bommannahalli in Bangalore:

  1. When there are at least 200 people gather, they don't have restroom facility... I asked the manager there where is the bathroom, go to top! Top is nothing but an open terrace... (well, I had no other option other than doing it there...)
  2. Bus reached Dindigul outskirts around 6:00 AM to drop some of the parcels those are loaded. Mean time the driver noticed that one of the rear tire got puncher. The cleaner started to replace the tire. It's about a kilometer to Dindigul town, from where the bus is standing. There were so many passengers in the bus to go to Dindigul. The driver never informed that its going to taken an hour to any one. Mean time one guy went and asked how much time its going to take, then the driver said its going to taken an hour those who are to Dindigul please find your own way to go there!! Well its well after an hour he figured out there is a puncture...
  3. Got down the bus and found there were many parcels stranded on the road. And I saw one bag filled with black stuff is torn and the stuff inside is spilled out on the road... I pity the guy who would have sent it. Then I saw another automobile assembly, which is again dismantled and spilled all around...
Never send anything by KPN Parcel service, prefer TCIL, ABT or TVS parcels services! Try to avoid traveling in "KPN travels" prefer ABT travels.


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