Saturday, June 09, 2007

1013 is the train number of which runs between Kurla and Coimbatore. Its been called with different names, Kurla Express/Bangalore Express/Lokamania Thilak Express. As per the schedule of the train it should leave Bangalore by 9:20 and reach Coimbatore by early Morning 6:00 AM. Recently I had to travelled to Combatore on this train for two consecutive weeks. This is the train in which you would never want to travel! Since it comes from a Kurla, Maharastra, by the time the train reaches Bangalore, its "yuk". It needs a complete acid cleaning! Never mind there will be no water in the train! It always runs by 3 to 4 hours delay, may be its time for Indian Railways to change the timing as it regularly runs.

On the holy day, I rush from
Mahadevpura by 7:30PM to catch this train in a auto. That auto guy demands me 150RS, fearing missing the train, I agree to pay. And I reach the station by 8:45, only to listen that the train will reach the station only by 11:30PM instead of 9:20PM. Grrrrrrr, ok lets wait. The train comes by 11:30 and I board the train only to see some one else have occupied by reserved seat. I wake him up and ask him vacate, he looks at me as if I'm his lifetime rivalry! And he checks my ticket as if he is the tt.... well finally he vacated the seat. Peacefully laid there and slept. Suddenly I woke up around 1:ooAM, and looked around to that the train is standing just few KMs away from the station. Grrrrrrr, and slept again. And the tt wakes me up around 2:00AM to check my ticket....

In this 1013 train you will always get tickets for Bangalore to Coimbatore.
Don't get carried away you will not make your trip on time! Try "Kanyakumari express"....


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