Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Please don't watch it! Its catastrophically sick movie. The movie should not be mistaken for having message for society.

Things doesn't in the way because some one has studied Tamil as their major! There are so many who couldn't get cross elementary school. I remember, I met a kid around the age of 14 to 15 in the Bangalore to Salem passenger train, who did his schooling only up to 3rd class, can read Tamil, he breaks stone in quarry for last 6 years.

There used to be the ant and grasshopper story. In the summer ant's will collect all the necessary food and preserve it for winter. The happy grasshopper will enjoy all the summer and painfully die in the winter, since not having food.

This movie supports the grasshopper and says that stop ants from saving. A wrong message!

Recently this what proposed by our FM!
If you pay tax, then you will have a PAN card, if you have PAN card you don't get subsidized LPG you pay 500RS for a 14 KG cylinder. You don't pay tax, you will not have PAN card, you don't have PAN card you get the same LPG at 300RS. You get punished because you pay tax. Shouldn't be the other way?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I just got up, when the Mysore Tuticorin express train 6732 entered inside Dindigul station. It was 6:20AM in the morning. In my earlier trips, I used to get up kilometers away from station and wait, and it was never a good sleep. May be I’m getting used to sleep in train, these days I’m getting good sleep.

GRRR.. Here comes the ticket checker again when you get out of the station. Why while getting out of the station? Already a TT comes personally to you to verify your ticket and then to confirm whether you are the one who has bought the ticket. GRRRRRRRRRR… even the TT in the train didn’t verify my ticket with my ID card that I have given while booking the e-ticket, this guy did it! I appreciate him. And the TT in the station takes the ticket back and doesn’t give it back! I’ve asked my ticket back. He said the ticket doesn’t come back to you. What?? I could understand that he was having a bunch of tickets in his hand. What he will do with the tickets? May be he will prove that how important his role is for the railways?

Got in to an auto in which 3 people were there already to go to the bus station. The advantage is the auto driver charges only 10RS each. I save 20RS. To go the bus station in a shortest possible distance, risking all the lives, he drove the auto in the wrong side for the major part. Can’t I resist him?

Got in to a state Transport Corporation bus which ply’s between Dindigul and Palani, around 6:45AM. There were very few passengers in the bus. The bus was not cleaned at all, may be it’s the first trip for the day, normally they are kept clean. There were full of sand, strewn orange skins and peanut skins. The conductor started selling tickets. When he came to me I gave him two 10RS for a 17RS fare ticket. By looking at one of the notes he asked me give me a different note, this is torn! It was just torn for an mm in the middle of the note! Come on it does go.

(No this is not that note, what a bad habit to write on the note!)

Me: Come on where I could have got it?, it does go!
Conductor: You return it back from where you would have got it!

OK! I had few more 10RS notes, which I could have given it to him. But for a moment I thought what if this is the only 20RS I had?

Me: What would you do if these are the only notes that I have?
Conductor: Then you would have to get down!
Me: Ok, I will get down in the next bus stop give me my money!

I got down in the next bus stop. And I heard the conductor yelling, he had so many notes why can’t he give another ones?

I was waiting in the bus stop for another 10 minutes, and then came the next bus to Palani. It was a private bus, and it was fairly full. The driver was driving the bus normal; unlike they always drive it rudely. This conductor accepted the same note with out any problem! You have to bear with the latest movies they play which didn’t even run for a week in a C sector!

Then again I got a thought, what if that was the last bus for the day! What I would have done? What I could have done?

Wondering how complex the simple things become in life. How many would be traveling in the bus in which that conductor is serving? For sure he would never face this problem, since he never has to buy a ticket, advantage of working in state Transport Corporation! Can the same be applicable to those who work in airlines? Never! They are unique! Those who work in cement factory doesn’t get cement for free and for those who works in a refinery doesn’t get fuel free!

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