Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Please don't watch it! Its catastrophically sick movie. The movie should not be mistaken for having message for society.

Things doesn't in the way because some one has studied Tamil as their major! There are so many who couldn't get cross elementary school. I remember, I met a kid around the age of 14 to 15 in the Bangalore to Salem passenger train, who did his schooling only up to 3rd class, can read Tamil, he breaks stone in quarry for last 6 years.

There used to be the ant and grasshopper story. In the summer ant's will collect all the necessary food and preserve it for winter. The happy grasshopper will enjoy all the summer and painfully die in the winter, since not having food.

This movie supports the grasshopper and says that stop ants from saving. A wrong message!

Recently this what proposed by our FM!
If you pay tax, then you will have a PAN card, if you have PAN card you don't get subsidized LPG you pay 500RS for a 14 KG cylinder. You don't pay tax, you will not have PAN card, you don't have PAN card you get the same LPG at 300RS. You get punished because you pay tax. Shouldn't be the other way?


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