Saturday, January 05, 2008



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Anonymous said...

Are these the defective pics taken by fuji camera....these are not eye catching.

அப்பாஸ் Abbas said...

Well, I think, its not necessary to be eye catching! Also I'm not a technician to understand whether they are defective or not!

Vadi said...

this is Gnanavadivel from Madathukkulam. I'm not able to re collect your face. I used to live near Karuppanna swamy temple. It's been almost 18 years since i left Madathukkulam. I visit couple of times in a year. I saw Murugesh's photo in your blog site. He knows me, though i've not met him for years. Can you send me your email id or orkut site. Just curious to know more about you and probably we can join hands to do something for our place in future. Thanks for taking me thru the old days with those photos.

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