Saturday, June 14, 2008

On a rainy lazy Saturday evening, called the Dominoz pizza and ordered for couple of veg special pizzas. The order taking guy asked me where I'm living. When I said I'm living in Warje, he said that there is no time guarantee. Fine take my order. After an hour the pizza didnt reach me, got annoyed and called them again, a lady picked and said sir the delivery guy should be reaching you any moment. Its hardly 15 minutes from Kothrud to Warje, still these guys take their time! Well after 1 hour 15 minutes the delivery guy came and when I gave him the sodexho passes, he said we dont take these anymore! What the heck? Whats wrong with these? Then I paid cash. So Dominoz doesnt take sodexho!

In general my experience with Dominoz was never good. They were always shrewd, the treated the customers with I'm the boss attitude. Not because they didnt take the passes, I had been to five different outlets of Dominoz, four in Bangalore and one in Baner, Pune. The attitude of the crew was invariant. May be there are trained to be so?

Warje, Pune area is served only by Dominoz and Smoking Joes. I called the Joes couple of times and tried different chicken toppings couple of times. The chicken is yuck, they are not the tender ones to chew. Then they dont have chicken wings in their menu! Until pizza hut or us pizza serves this area...........


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