Saturday, August 07, 2010

I like the pears pure and gentle soap by hindustan unilever for its woody note.

A month or 3 weeks ago I saw pears pure and gentle shower gel, I thought WoW and bought it.

Only to know that its on fruity note! Sheer disappointment. I felt these guys gave the same name, same shape as the soap and same color but changed the note! Then I saw the customer care email printed on the bottle and sent expressed my disappointment. To my surprise they have sent me a set of of soaps equivalent to the cost of the gel and tool the gel back!

But yet there would be so many unsuspected buyers who would be thinking that its exactly same as the soap and get disappointed.

Recently I wanted to buy a face wash gel and I saw this pears pure and gentle face wash, and didnt buy it and chose a different one!


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